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Our Method

Our method of First Command Response is humane, rewarding and effective. It teaches your dog to listen to the first command, eliminating the need to repeat  yourself over and over again. Not only does this method save you time and frustration, it could save your dog’s life in a dangerous situation when quick response time is crucial. During training, you will be learn a combination of leash, voice and body techniques. We do use treats, but primarily employ physical and verbal praise. First Command Response is a form of balanced training focused on praising desirable behaviour and correcting undesirable behaviour.

We DO NOT believe in the use of punishment or domination! Such practices can damage and even break the bond between you and your dog. Rather, First Command Response training aims to strengthen this bond, and with practice and patience, achieve surprisingly effective results.

My Philosophy

I love to have fun with my animals, but I also take pet ownership seriously. I believe a happy dog is one that has both love and discipline in their life. I also believe in having a balanced relationship with your dog where there is structure, consistency and discipline, but also love, compassion and play. Every day the bond I share with my dog grows stronger as we learn and grow from our experiences together.

One Hour Puppy Consultation

Get off to a good start! One-on-one guidance on best practices for raising your puppy. Topics include socializing, crate training, house breaking, diet and grooming.

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