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Claire and Norman

Growing up in the Haliburton Highlands my favorite memories as a girl were my cats and my dogs. I finally took my love for animals into action in 2007 when I enrolled at the Granville School of Business to become a Veterinary Assistant. While attending, I gained a lot of knowledge about the veterinary world, but most importantly for me, I discovered my knack for handling animals. After graduation, I decided I wanted to work hands on with animals as much as possible, so I took a job in dog grooming.

In 2008, I was lucky enough to be hired on by a master groomer in her field. I trained with her for two and a half years learning everything there is to know about grooming. Today, I am grateful for her discipline and work ethic because that made me want to be the best groomer I can be.

In 2010, I was ready for a change. I quit my job and took my love for dogs to Guatemala where I volunteered for a month in the busiest animal shelter in Central America. The shelter is called Animal Aware and houses over 250 stray dogs and over 80 stray cats. Here I learned an important lesson on how much humans can affect a dog’s behaviour.

After my trip, I went back to grooming for a few years then, finally, moved home from Vancouver to Ontario. I wanted to do something new and challenge myself, and after extensive online research I chose to attend Dave McMahon’s Dog Training Academy in Niagara Falls. Here I was trained in novice and intermediate obedience training, behavioural issues, scent detection and personal protection work.

Dave’s big personality, warm heart and wide range of canine knowledge gave me the confidence and skills to become a certified master dog trainer. This past year has really helped me to grow and expand my knowledge of the dog world.

I am recently graduated from my Dog Training Apprenticeship, having obtained my master dog training certification. I am excited to be heading back to my home town to help the highlands with their family pets.

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